OMC in the OC

Make Limonada

My experience of Orange County has consisted of the following scenarios:

  1. Going to Disneyland
  2. Driving through on my way to San Diego – Tijuana, MX
  3. Angel Games

That all changed over the course of a few days. I took the opportunity to visit my good friend CW. I spent a lovely weekend visiting, eating, swimming, and playing with her and her family. On my first day we went to Laguna Beach. Before this visit, what I knew of Laguna was strictly LC, LO, Kristen, and STEPHEN! Boy was my impression wrong! Laguna is filled with world class restaurants, art galleries, and high end shopping among the beach scene.




The next day we visited Mission San Juan Capistrano, founded 1776, along the Camino Real. I have to add that it was founded in 1776 because a majority of Americans dismiss that California has history rooted before the gold rush…

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