Travel: Cancún, Mexico

Elizabeth Marie

Guys, I don’t know about you, but 2014 has been weird. Not necessarily in a good way, but not in a bad way either. Just weird. And life is allowed to be weird, I’m learning. Vacations, concerts, seasons–even people–come and go. They’re gone in the blink of an eye and all you have are a few decent pictures, several selfies, perhaps a Vine or two and the hazy memories to hang on to.

But I remember this trip like it was yesterday: leaving well before dawn in the middle of a snow storm just after New Year’s Eve, trying to choke down a green tea at the airport to beat the cough I’d recently picked up, ferociously trying to pop my ears as we landed in the Glistening City, stepping out into Mexico for my first time. The air was heavy and thick, but sweet from coconuts and salty from the sea breeze. Shimmering turquoise waters lapped white…

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