Clearing my throat chakra

wanderlust: a memoir

I lose myself easily in the chaos of regular life, and before all begins again, I want to remember…

I am most myself when: I am in nature, far away from anything resembling civilization. Taking deep breaths, restoring strength and energy, connecting to my spiritual core.

*Especially if it is difficult. Trekking in Ala-KulBhutan, Nepal, Tanzania, Peru, Kyrgyzstan. Nights are bloody freezing. Altitude is painful to both lungs and body. I absolutely hate myself during summit climbs. And it is beautiful, perfect, home… Through my pain, I feel attuned to everything around me. I feel appreciation. And I remember my power. I can do anything.

*Especially when I’m alone. Which might seem weird for a social psychologist, but knowing too well how other people influence our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors I yearn to be outside of the influence of everyone around me. Again you test your power…

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