Some of the reasons to visit St. Maarten – St. Martin

Treading on two endearing cultures

At the beginning we didn’t really have any reason for choosing  St. Maarten except that we wanted to experience the Caribbean, it didn’t matter which island. I don’t even know how it started, but once we decided – to vacation in St. Martin – coincidentally we started noticing TV shows and articles about St. Maarten, especially on House Hunters.  Delighted by all the information, we simultaneously got more ambitious, imagining ourselves having fun in St. Marteen. The flight was short compared to the one we usually take to Indonesia. It was only about 4 hrs.  We stayed on the Dutch side in Simpson Bay. Our condo/apartment had two bedrooms, a kitchen, dining and living room, and a huge deck that took us right onto the white sand.

IMG_5638 IMG_5588IMG_5583

Beaches are beautiful with clear turquoise colored water and white sand . The nine days we spent there were warm and sunny, about…

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