Laphroaig Distillery, Islay, Scotland

My Journey into the World

Sometime in 2013 I have launched a personal exploration project descriptively called  “one bottle of single malt from each distillery in Scotland”. Until recently, I just bought the bottles and tested them one by one. In 2014 however, Ioana decided to help me crank up the pace and we took the summer holiday as a trip around Scotland, with it’s beautiful scenery, thousands of castles, millions of lakes and around one hundred whisky distilleries.

As usual I had the camera with me and as a result I am launching today the “Scotland 2014 trip” series in the “travel” category of posts here on There is a lot to tell on each subject that will be depicted, but this is a travel photography blog, so we’ll cut it as short as possible and let the photos talk instead.

As a very short intro, Scotland is incredibly beautiful, and is a great place…

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