The best pools at the Rimba Jimbaran/Ayana? Part 3

Tea with BG

One of the reasons why we decided on the Rimba Jimbaran back in Easter was because it had access to the Ayana facilities as well which means access to LOTS of pools and dining options. Not that the Rimba does not already have enough pools as it is (it has 6!), but no one has ever complained about too many pools (10 in total!). Besides who knows how crowded it will be over Easter? So in order to make the most of our stay, we went pool hopping looking for the best places to chill. Here is our conclusion:

Best for chilling and reading by the pool side: Three Monkeys at the Rimba

The Three Monkey Pool, Rimba Jimbaran Yes, those are the legendary three monkeys!

This was the first pool we encountered at the resort, and ironically turned out to be our favourite (and the last one we ended up in). While there isn’t any particularly special feature to the pool, there is a magically tranquil and peaceful atmosphere…

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