*PLACE* Kozushima Island (神津島), Tokyo

Photographool Loves Japan

It’s been forever since I posted last time… I hope someone is still checking out this blog, haha.

I went to Kozushima Island (神津島) which is located in the Pacific Ocean, south side of Japan mainland, and 178km away from Tokyo. Kozushima island is actually a part of Tokyo, but it’s closer to Izu of Shizuoka Pref., and it’s one of the Izu Islands which consist of over 100 islands.

The first encounter with the Izu Island was in Shikinezima Island (式根島) which is also one of the Izu Islands. I tagged along after friends who like to visit islands and do water activities, I wasn’t expecting anything at that time but I was so surprised by how clear the sea water there is, and I definitely loved it. I love going to Okinawa which is also known for its beautiful beaches but I didn’t know that there was an…

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