Road Trip Ready: 10 Ways to Prepare Yourself for Adventure on the Road

Tremendous Times


Golden Gate Bridge brb, SF.

I almost never put off buying transportation until the last minute. As a budget-conscious traveler, I can’t afford the price spikes that I encounter when I want to go somewhere on a whim. Sometimes I run into a deal and jump on it without planning much, but for the most part, I purchase my transportation in advance.

Last weekend I was planning to go to Los Angeles. It was going to be one of my last chances to see my boothang before leaving for Burning Man, one of my friends had a gallery opening that I wanted to support, and it’s always a treat to catch some of that LA heat. For whatever reason, I kept putting off and putting off purchasing my airfare, and when I finally hopped online to buy a flight, they were over $175 one way (usually I spend about $65 one way).

The next…

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