Prince Edward Island, at long last (Part 2)

Life and Times of the Funemployed

The next day found us on the road at 9am for a tour de force of the PEI’s scenic route, with a few points of interest mapped out for us by our lovely hostess who had kindly run through it all with us the night before.

Back on the (red) road! Back on the (red) road!

I had severely underestimated the size of PEI, given it’s never been more than a blob on the map in comparison to the hulking landmass next to it.  We learned the hard way that perhaps double-checking drive times on Google Maps beforehand would be prudent (a lesson we’d be learning again in Nova Scotia).

We did make a rather gallant effort of it though, zooming around the roads of the east coast and stopping where our hostess’s fervent scribbles indicated a notable point (“white sand, big waves”, “pretty lighthouse”, “yummy ice cream”). She had been very discerning, striking off…

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