Sicilia – The Land Of Many Sicils


…okay, so maybe I don’t actually know what Sicily means. Forgive me. The important thing is, it is a bazillion times better than the last two islands I was on (thanks to rainy season and how boring the Sri Lankan airport is), and packed with beauty, food, wine, attractions, photo opportunities – the list goes on.

Let’s start with food, because I tried another weird one: sea urchin gonads. Bright orange, weird, urchiney sex organ stuffs. Didn’t think I’d be where I am today and able to say that, but here I stand (I’m actually lying down). Apparently it’s something of a delicacy, and incredibly expensive. I tried it fresh from the ocean. The taste was oceany, with a hint of sweetness. Add it to the list! Other than that, I’m in Italy, so yeah, the food is amazing and plentiful.

The other day, I got the chance to visit…

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