Incredible Places Around The World You Can Travel To For $30 A Day And Under

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Bolivia – $22/day

La Paz, Bolivia made the list as the cheapest city in all of Latin America for 2014 and venturing outside the city you’ll find prices drop even lower. Bolivia offers colorful markets, gorgeous Spanish colonial architecture, welcoming locals, and of course the salt flats of Salar de Uyuni – Bolivia’s most photographed site. Travelers can find meals for $2-3, hostels or alojamientos (family run hotels)for under $10 and traveling throughout the country ($1 for 5-minute taxi, $2/hr first class public bus) is just as cheap.

Nepal – $20/day

Many come to Nepal to climb Mount Everest but this country offers so much more than just that. Budget accommodations, food, and drinks can all be found for under $5 each. The Buddhist culture, stunning mountain scenery, and diversity in adventure activities are just a few things to find here.

Nicaragua, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala – $30/day


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