How I spent three days in Utah/Las Vegas in less than $400

Backyard Destinations

6 - zion A breathtaking view of Zion along The Narrows trail!

In early July, I spent a three days and four nights in Utah with the purpose of exploring Zion. My friend Ann (who pitched the idea of going to Yosemite last year) suggested this particular trip a few months ago. It sounded too good to resist, so I signed up.

While solo traveling has its perks, we were hoping to get more people to commit to this brief adventure, as traveling in groups can significantly cut costs.

The main reasons this trip was relatively inexpensive are:

  1. I flew out of Los Angeles
  2. Most expenses were split three ways
  3. Someone (not me) shouldered the cost of the car and stove
  4. We spent three nights with a friend/friend of a friend at minimal to no cost
  5. One girl owned a tent, so we didn’t have to buy/rent one
  6. One person paid for the…

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