Cheap Vacation Destinations, Part 1 – Southeast Asia

Teach in Korea

Have you been studying Hangul (Korean symbols) and basic phases? Good stuff!

Let’s take a break today and learn about all of the awesome places you can visit when you’re not teaching in Korea. That’s right, it’s time for vacation! Today we’ll go over some awesome, cheap destinations in Southeast Asia. 


Scene: Backpackers to high end

Budget: $25 + a day on budget accommodation and food, depending on your preferences

Activities: Beaches, temples, hiking, rock climbing, elephant trekking, spas and more!

Our recommendations: the bustling city of Bangkok, beautiful highlands in Chang Mai, beaches of Pattaya and Krabi (pictured above.)


Scene: Predominantly backpackers to mid-range

Budget: $25 + a day

Activities: Museums and historical sites (war memorials, Cu Chi tunnels), temples, beaches

Our recommendations: Fly into Ho Chi Min city and check out river life on the Mekong Delta or visit the gorgeous Halong Bay (pictured above.) 


Scene: Predominantly…

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