95 euros in 3 weeks in Finland

Travel ByWind

I understand tight budget trip is not a really popular among most people, that you have to count exactly how much you spend everyday and be careful not to drink too many beers as it could out budget your trip.

However, I just want to show everyone that it is possible to do it and I am quite happy during that 3 weeks in Finland, meeting new people, camping in the wild, and eating similar food everyday.


That 95 euros actually include food, ferry transportation to islands and Sweden, Castles entry, 2-3 museums entry, sauna, and a tool to repair my bike.


And here are the tips I can show you:

  • Bring a tent and sleep everywhere, use Couchsurfing.org or Warmshowers.org , Finnish people are nice to host you and sometimes share their food, and they will take you to their private saunas!
  • Cycling along the journey, which…

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