The 6 Relationships You’ll Have Throughout Life

Thought Catalog


1. High school sweetheart.

It’s seventh period and you have athletics. You see that cute senior football player that you’ve had your eye on. Wait a second, is he coming over here? What’s that in his hand? He comes over to the bleachers you are sitting on and hands you a note. “Well, I’ve gotta go back to practice, let me know.” You wait until he walks away to open it. The note reads, “Will U go out with me? I think U are really pretty. Are U going to the football game tonight? I’m playing. Write me back.” Your entire life is made. You date for about six months before a very serious discussion occurs: The Promise Ring Talk.

This is the love of your life, despite what your idiot parents say. What do they know any way? Seriously. They are like 100 years old and they are…

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