Review: “Where I Belong” by J. Daniels

Morgan McMurray

ebook-coverRomance novels are my guilty pleasure.

Actually, I don’t feel so guilty about it. I love romance books. Reading about some fictional character’s happily ever after gives me a bunch of warm and fuzzy feelings. The sex scenes don’t hurt either.

It is true that romance novels, usually, are quite formulaic. Generally it goes something like this:

Step 1: Create a heroine, either a virgin or a widow, who is emotionally damaged in some way.

Step 2: Create a hero, usually a known rake or single father, who does not believe in love.

Step 3: Create a back story that gives the hero and heroine reason hate each other. Alternatively, have the heroine run to the hero to make some sort of bargain.

Step 4: Hero and heroine fight their attraction to one another, unsuccessfully.

Step 5: A misunderstanding or crisis creates drama for the hero and heroine and so they are separated…

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