Ames Monument

Fred in Wyo

Ames Monument-3

My family and I visited Ames Monument this past weekend, located between Cheyenne and Laramie, Wyoming, just south of I-80. I’ve driven past the I-80 exit many times in the past 13 years but never drove over the hill to view the large, stone, pyramid-shaped monument that was competed in 1882. The monument was built by the Union Pacific Railroad to honor the Ames brothers of Massachusetts who were key contributors to the financing and construction of the first coast-to-coast railroad in North America. The monument stands on the highest elevation (8,247 feet) of the original transcontinental route. While I’m not much into monuments, our walk around the stone structure presented us with beautiful sweeping views of Wyoming and Colorado and up-close views of the Wyoming prairie.

Ames Monument-1 Looking south into Colorado

Ames Monument-2 Base of the stone monument looking south into Colorado

Ames Monument-4 Typical rock formations and prairie grass in southeast Wyoming

Ames Monument-5 I find the prairie…

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