What Lies Inside

C E L I A . G L E N N


I’ve always wondered what would happen if you busted me open, rather if you explored what lies inside. Not anatomically, of course, but emotionally, and figuratively, I wonder what has found its way into my being. If you opened me up, what would fall out? What would stay lodged and trapped within me? Would it be the words I’ve absorbed and memorized? Would you find the hiding place of all those skipped heartbeats? I wonder if, when you looked past my bones, if you would see my heart. Not the one that keeps my body functioning, but the one that keeps my soul wandering. I wonder if you would find the broken fragments left behind after I chipped off pieces to give to you, pieces I hope you’ve kept safe. Would you find the strings we’ve heard about? Do they intertwine into knots or are they loose with the many…

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