Lago di Ledro

Kelly Huynh

Day 7
It was really hot on Sunday so we were off to Lake Ledro! But first my younger host sister had a Christian ceremony to attend to and I thought ‘this will be fun and a new experience…I’ll come!’ despite being an atheist and that the event wasn’t very important (my host dad and older host sister didn’t go). Talk about being awkward and over curious…I’ve never been to a church ceremony before OK?!

After the ceremony finished, we walked back home and went off to Ledro. One of the prettiest places I’ve been to and also one of the coldest water I’ve ever swam in in my awkward one piece suit whilst everyone was wearing their bikini. Talk about standing out as a foreigner. My host mum made us rice salad for packed lunch and brought a melon, prosciutto, chocolate, apples and peanuts and we ate together, relaxing…

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