World’s Tallest Buildings and Skyscrapers

All over the world, there are fabulous architects and lots of skyscrapers that become the tallest buildings in the world. Check out these largest buildings and structures in the world:

Burj Khalifa

burj khalifa

After it’s completion in 2010, it become the world’s highest skyscraper and is situated in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.The building was designed by the architects Skidmore, Owings & Merrill, is 829 metres tall , and is having 163 floors.

Tokyo Sky Tree

tokyo tree

Tokyo Sky Tree is an observation tower in Sumida, Tokow having a height of 634 metres.

Shanghai Tower, China

shanghai tower

Shanghai tower is at the height of 632metres, located in the Shanghai city of China. It is not completed yet but is already in a list of world’s tallest structures.

Mecca Clock, Royal Tower

mecca tower

It’s a dream of every Muslim to go Hajj Pilgrimage to Mecca once in a lifetime. The religious building is holding a record o one of the most tallest building having a height of 601 meters.

One World Trade Center

one world trade center

One World Trade Center is named after two buildings and is considered as the primary building of World Trade Center and is known as one of the tallest skyscrapers of the world.

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