EBC Trek Diary – Day 9: Gorak Shep – Kala Patthar (attempt) – Pheriche

Gloriously Hectic

Australia Day, 2014

I was lying awake all night, waiting for my alarm to go off, which it did eventually at 4:40am. James and I had a quick breakfast: a muesli bar and a mini Snickers bar. I stood up too fast and felt quite dizzy, but it passed. We put some Royal D (electrolyte filled goodness) into our drink bottles and then headed downstairs into the pitch black dining room to meet Dave, his guide Shiva, and Gopal, who were all coming with us. We wanted to wait for the Canadians, but Shiva told us that only Jeff was going and that he left 20 minutes ago with his guide! I’m pretty sure we were planning on going together to see the sunrise, but oh well.

Gopal led the way. It was freezing outside! 35 degrees below freezing to be precise. My fingers were immediately in pain, as if…

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