Most Beautiful Beach Houses in the World

Here are most beautiful beach houses across the world :

beautiful beach houses

Beach house by Andhika Nugraha


Andhika Nugraha is a young architect from Medan, Indonesia. He is very passionate about beauty, but in a very simple way. Simple, but not simplistic. The proportion between full and empty spaces and the directions given by volumetric bodies give the building a special refinement. Being a beachfront house, a large outdoor terrace with view to the sea is priceless. Large windows invite all the nature inside. The whole volume is vibrating. Wonderful!



Beautiful Private Beach House by Rangr Studio

The Casa Kimball by Architect firm Rangr Studio is a unique and stunning modern rental villa located in Cabrera in Dominican Republic. Completed in December 2008, Casa Kimball is a private beach house get-away and luxury rental villa located on the North coast of the Dominican Republic. Just like the Villa Amanzi, Casa Kimball invites its lucky guests to an exceptional and truly exclusive private vacation experience. Casa Kimball can be booked for $3,000 to $5,000 per day, depending on the season.







Fabulous Minimalist Small Resort House in Portugal

Casa Areia is pure nakedness and muteness. The platonic suggestion—a sea cottage with sandy floors—is a serene search for simplicity. Sandy ground and wooden frames are an apparently simple attempt at making the space a reciprocal relationship with the beach landscape. The design begins with the conditions of the materials, according to their potential habitability.




Get full list here by Designrulz

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