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Guest Post : Top 5 Places To Hike In Thailand

Thailand is one of the most naturally beautiful countries in the world and the hiking and trekking here is world class. The country is covered in steep mountains, dense jungles, and winding rivers that make for a beautiful and challenging hiking experience.


Chiang Mae

Located amongst the highest mountains in Thailand the area surrounding this city is by far the most popular hiking spot in the entire country. Some of the reasons it is so highly respected are

Multiple National Parks located nearby

Doi Inthanon (the highest mountain in the entire country of Thailand)

Many different tour companies are located in the area and offer organized trips

Hike on foot or sign up with a local company to take in the trails from the back of an elephant

While hiking you can stop in and visit with one of the many hill tribes located in the area.

Chiang Rae


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Top Honeymoon Destinations across the World

After marriage is over, every newly wed couples looks for a honeymoon destinations where they can spend quality time together. Here are some famous and top honeymoon destinations across the world. 


Maldives is one of the most romantic spots in the world and is surrounded by thousands of beautiful beaches.


2) Thailand

Thailand is one of the most diverse country in Southeast area. You will see high mountains, scenic islands and beaches.


3) Cook Islands

If you love isolation and want to spend quality time along with your partner in peace then cook islands is a must go option for you.

Cook Islands

4) New Zealand

Here you will get all the things including islands, beaches, hilltops, forests etc.


5) Aruba

Aruba is a place where weather conditions remains constant throughout the year. You can go there anytime and enjoy your honeymoon.


6) Costa Rica

If you are looking for a place where you can get fresh air, less pollution and spend time away from busy life then Costa Rica is a best place.

costa rica

7) Bora Bora Islands, Polynesia

Bora bora is one of the most famous honeymoon destinations known for its aqua-centric resorts. This is going to be an incredible experience for any couple.

bora bora islands

8) Bali

This is most popular Asian destinations in the world for couples. You will see sand beaches and enjoy many water activities there.



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Best Travel Review Websites

Confused about deciding locations for your holidays? Check this list of websites that will provide you with the latest reviews by people for your preferred location. A full travel guides that will provide you travel information, hotel and holiday reviews.

Trip Advisor.Com

Tripadvisor is a travel directory that provides full information about places, hotel and people reviews. You can also check latest talk about travel on trip advisor forums.


 Virtual Tourist.Com

Virtualtourist is a community website that provides user’s information on travel.


Check hotel reviews and undoctured reviews on oyster

oyster provides you the insights, recommendations and tools that any user want to experience the trips you want.



TravelandLeisure offers you the instant excess to the locations you are looking for, by providing you the best photos of the place.


Absolutely Enchanting Architecture

Travel till Dawn


Rousham House, Oxfordshire, England

Amazing Architecture

Berry Mill, Rome, Georgia, USA

Amazing Architecture

Castillo de Colomares, Benalmádena, Spain

Amazing Architecture

Waterfall Castle, The Enchanted Wood

Amazing Architecture

Bojnice Castle, Slovakia

Amazing Architecture

Casa del Duque, Comillas, Cantabria, Spain

Amazing Architecture

Courtyard in the Alcazar, Seville, Spain

Amazing Architecture

Najac, France

Amazing Architecture

Drachenburg Castle, Germany

Amazing Architecture

Machu Picchu, Inca Empire, Peru

Amazing Architecture

Ghent, Belgium

Amazing Architecture

Versace Pool, Australia

Amazing Architecture

Bibury, Cotswolds, England

Amazing Architecture

Tower Bridge, London, England

Amazing Architecture

The Initiation Well, Sintra, Portugal

Amazing Architecture

Châtenois, Alsace, France

Amazing Architecture

Balboa Park, El Prado, San Diego, California, USA

Amazing Architecture

Puente Nuevo, Ronda, Spain

Amazing Architecture

Blarney Castle, Cork, Ireland

Amazing Architecture

Library of Celsus, Ephesus, Anatolia, Turkey

Amazing Architecture

Khan El-Khalili Bazaar, Cairo, Egypt

Amazing Architecture

Pulteney Bridge, Bath, England

Amazing Architecture


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Fire and passion at Uluwatu

Plus Ultra


The brand new toll road rose over the middle of Benoa Bay, passing mangrove swamps, a lonely spirit house in the tidal flats, and the airport runway at Ngurah Rai. It deposited our guide Bli Komang, Bama and I onto the top end of the Bukit Peninsula, where a traffic-snarled road lined with billboards would ultimately lead to the temple of Uluwatu.

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Dream Destination Wedding

Caffeine & Media

Dream Destination Wedding

I’ve always wanted a destination wedding on a beach by perfectly clear water. I don’t think it could be any more romantic than that. When I saw this earlier today I couldn’t help but share. Whoever designed this aisle deserves an award. It literally looks like something out of a modern day fairy tale. It gives Beach Wedding a whole new meaning.

Where is YOUR dream wedding?

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Most Beautiful Beach Houses in the World

Here are most beautiful beach houses across the world :

beautiful beach houses

Beach house by Andhika Nugraha


Andhika Nugraha is a young architect from Medan, Indonesia. He is very passionate about beauty, but in a very simple way. Simple, but not simplistic. The proportion between full and empty spaces and the directions given by volumetric bodies give the building a special refinement. Being a beachfront house, a large outdoor terrace with view to the sea is priceless. Large windows invite all the nature inside. The whole volume is vibrating. Wonderful!



Beautiful Private Beach House by Rangr Studio

The Casa Kimball by Architect firm Rangr Studio is a unique and stunning modern rental villa located in Cabrera in Dominican Republic. Completed in December 2008, Casa Kimball is a private beach house get-away and luxury rental villa located on the North coast of the Dominican Republic. Just like the Villa Amanzi, Casa Kimball invites its lucky guests to an exceptional and truly exclusive private vacation experience. Casa Kimball can be booked for $3,000 to $5,000 per day, depending on the season.







Fabulous Minimalist Small Resort House in Portugal

Casa Areia is pure nakedness and muteness. The platonic suggestion—a sea cottage with sandy floors—is a serene search for simplicity. Sandy ground and wooden frames are an apparently simple attempt at making the space a reciprocal relationship with the beach landscape. The design begins with the conditions of the materials, according to their potential habitability.




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