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Tiger Photography


Tigers. There aren’t many left in the wild, so for those of us who love to photograph them, there are few alternatives to snapping away at our local zoo. Tigers in zoos are sad creatures, pacing restlessly in cages or sleeping off their boredom. Worldwide, far more tigers live in captivity than in the wild and the future of the wild tiger looks grim indeed.

I’m happy to say that I’ve just finished a three-day tiger photo safari at John Varty’s “Tiger Canyons” in South Africa and here are some of the results. Twenty lucky tigers live in what is surely tiger heaven. They hunt their own food, they have territories which they patrol and mark religiously, they mate and produce litters of cubs — and yes, sometimes they fight. They’re tigers and they’re magnificent. I hope you enjoy the photos…


Sariska, a male tiger.P1180136-2a

cubs playing

playing in the mud




Tiger Canyons, South Africa Tiger Canyons, South Africa

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Review: Roseville House B&B, Maleny

The Wanderbug

roseville house

Halfway between Maleny & Montville at Balmoral Lookout, Roseville House enjoys beautiful views over the hinterland out to the ocean. The federation-style Queenslander has been beautiful preserved, with wide verandahs wrapping around most of the house, beautiful communal dining and living rooms and immaculate, flower-filled gardens.

We stayed in the Grevillea Cottage, but we were able to take a sneak peek at the other rooms before other guests checked in. All three rooms are luxurious, but my favourite from what I saw was the Provincial Room – I felt more relaxed just standing in the doorway!

We stayed in the Grevillea Cottage, which was absolutely perfect. It’s beautifully decorated, complete with kitchenette, a dining table for two, bath & shower and the most comfortable bed I have ever slept in. We had our own small verandah, which was the perfect place to sit with a mango cider and enjoy the…

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The Ride of Your Life

Latter-day Soprano

At birth we board the train.

In that moment, we begin our very own unique, and unforgettable journey. We meet our parents and other critical caregivers and we believe they will always be travelling by our side, teaching, guiding, unconditionally loving us. However, as our journey progresses, we learn that at some station along the way, our parents will step down from the train and leave us to journey on without them.

As the journey continues, we meet many other people riding on the train who become very important to us. Our siblings, our close and distant relatives, our friends, the love of our life, perhaps our own children or even grandchildren.


We witness many comings and goings; the new arrivals boarding, and the passengers of all ages and stages disembarking. Often, our fellow travelers who step down leave a permanent void in our heart. While many others go so unnoticed during our journey we may not even realize they vacated…

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The View of Monterosso, A Payback of Endurant Efforts

Stai Al Borgo

I had visited Cinque Terre twice.

The first time it was in 2012, a few months after the area was washed by a terrible flood. The villages were in re-construction, and everywhere we saw was in maintennce. It was so disappointed and we couldn’t see the beautiful Cinque Terre as we always see in the pictures.

However we didn’t give up. Last year in June we went there again. We went all the way from Tuscany to La Spezia and then went to Monterosso. And finally our efforts got payback. After climbing up the stairs we finally got the famous, beautiful look of Monterosso. It was such a nice scene and took our breath away!
post 45 cinque terre

If we persist in things we really want, one day it will come to us and make all the effort worth it!

This post is featuring Weekly Photo Challenge: Endurance.

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