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A Mistake by the Lake

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Labor Day weekend marks the end of summer – students show up at school tomorrow, and I’ve so excited to be back in a high school. This last week brought days of in-services, meeting my new fellow teachers, and planning for the first few days of school. Among some of my friends, Labor Day weekend is also time for the annual “Mistake by the Lake,” a camping trip at Timothy Lake. It’s just past Timberline Lodge at Mount Hood, and is the source of the Clackamas River.

I looked forward to spending a couple days camping with my friends and their 10+ other friends – some I have met before and others, not. I decided to arrive Friday evening and spend two nights, returning Sunday morning.

It was a great time – getting to know some new people, sitting around the campfire, playing “Polish Horseshoes,” and a little bit of…

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Room with a view

Originally posted on 30 before I'm 30:

When I was growing up I never had curtains. Odd I know. But  until I was older (and realised the need for a very dark room when hung over) I was quite happy to go without them.

Balcony at The Pines, Houghton Bay Wellington

I don’t talk much about home (or as much as I should) but I grew up in the most amazing place. My house (or my parents depending on how specific you want to be) is in Wellington, not right in the city but in one of the bays about 20minutes from the center.

Three sides of the house are surrounded by bush. The other looks out towards the South Island, which on a nice day you can see in the distance.

The Pines, Houghton Bay Wellington

Houghton Bay, Wellington

In a few months this will be my view again and as much as I’m not looking forward to leaving the UK and London, getting to wake up to this every…

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I recently took a short trip to Helsinki, and while I only stayed there for a couple of days I decided to make the most of my visit. For the duration of my stay, the rain poured steadily and clouds were always lingering in the distance but even this could not deny Helsinki of its beauty.


Helsinki varies considerably depending on where you venture within it. On the first day, I stayed within the city, exploring the colourful market stalls and parks in the city’s center. This included a trip to Akateeminen Kirjakauppa, which is Helsinki’s largest bookstore. As a book lover, this seemed like an obvious place to go, but even if you are not too fond of reading the store is worth visiting for its architecture and café which are both lovely.



 Some hand made items in Helsinki Market. The talent there was incredible- so many beautiful…

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#TheWizInOz: Two Days To Take-Off

Originally posted on Stephanie Rhesa:


AUGUST 27, 2014 — My flight to Sydney is in two days. Am I packed? Not completely. Am I ready? Not a chance. This summer flew by. It’s been an incredible three months since graduation. In June, I traveled to Backbone State Park, Ankeny, and Chicago. In July, I went on a crazy trip to California for a week with Britany.

Between pool parties, learning to run again, spending full nights out with friends, unforgettable farewell parties, writing until my fingers bleed and building a business—I can safely say that this has been one of the most fun and productive summers I’ve ever had.

On Friday, I set out for the adventure of a lifetime. There are so many goodbyes I wish I could say and so much gratitude in my heart. The last five years have been an adventure that I never could’ve imagined.

I met the…

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Cleaning Dirt Off of Dirt: When Archaeological Students Learn What Archaeology Actually Is

Originally posted on From Stone to Screen:

Our latest blog post was written by Kaitlyn Solberg, one of UBC’s Classical Archaeology MA students. Enjoy!

To the untrained eye, dirty stones scattered throughout a square-shaped pit can look no different from the stacks of stones nearby which just happen to run in an almost-straight line. As I was squinting at such a mess of tan-coloured stones in the distance, Professor David George of St. Anselm College was proudly gesturing at a stack less than a foot high hidden behind some olive trees. “If you look at this wall here, it’s a Roman retaining wall which they put in to keep all the water uphill. As you can tell, it is still working today.”

Thirty pairs of (untrained) eyes glanced at the trench he gestured at uphill and, sure enough, there is at least a foot of groundwater resting at the bottom of it. Some of the students look…

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Maximise your Travel Experience

Originally posted on Creating Wanderlust:

When travelling, it is sometimes way too easy to become caught up in the excitement and chaos of exploring new cities and cultures. When this happens, you run the risk of becoming overwhelmed and exhausted, and your trip turns out to be one of rushing from one monument to the next, meeting deadlines and adhering to strict schedules. And this is NOT what travel is about! Here are my tips on how to maximise your travel experience – to get the most out of your journey, while also taking time to smell the roses.

(Although these tips are travel-based, you don’t have to be travelling to try them out. If you apply them to everyday life, I promise you will gain so much appreciation for every moment!)


Explore the road less-travelled

While there is no particular order to what I’m about to present, this would definitely be my number one priority. I cannot…

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Get Amazing Experience of Mesmerizing Myanmar

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Myanmar Package Tour

Myanmar Package Tour

Myanmar is one of the most promising countries in South East Asian region. The Myanmar government is giving its best effort for its developments and especially the tourism system of this country. It is the main focus as it is a great source of earning of this country. There almost millions of people visit this country every year. There are numerous attractive destinations on the country which attract a great number of people around the world. Some of those attractive destinations are discussed to make you get started.

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scotland part 1

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Where do I begin, hundreds of holiday photos, which ones do I select to go with my blog posts? And you can never do justice to the photos, the experience is something else altogether. You have to be there in person to soak it all in! Let me just dive into it and see what happens, yeah? Our first summer getaway was to Loch Awe, which is to the north west of Glasgow, Scotland. It took us a good many hours to get there by car, we made several stops in between. This was my first time to the Scottish Highlands, somehow my visits to Glasgow and Edinburgh in the past seemed pale compared to this wonderful trip. Loch Awe is the third largest freshwater lake in Scotland, after Loch Ness and Loch Lomond (which we passed by on the way). It is certainly the longest, about 25 miles…

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